Trissia Mika U. Pelayo — based in Quezon City, Philippines

Character Design

These characters are from the various stories and concepts I have created since I started taking art seriously in 2008. The artworks can also be taken as a sample of my Layout Design Skills.

All artworks have been illustrated in Paint Tool Sai and have been layout and formatted in Photoshop.

Peek (Hoot Stream: 2015)

Batt (Hoot Stream: 2015)

Hoot (Hoot Stream:2015)

Veiled Cast (2015)

Oriel Key (2014) Character Sheet Template from Patissiere Cafe Roleplay Group on deviantART

Oliqa Alae (Flock of Flames: 2014)

Lute Vates (Muziq:2014)

Jefrine Maywind (Veiled: 2014)

Bisc Crouste (2013)

Atrix Terraford (Veiled:2012)