Trissia Mika U. Pelayo — based in Quezon City, Philippines

Graphic Design

All artworks have been created manually in Photoshop. More of my Layout Design can also be seen in the Character Design section.

QuirKey Product Design, Promotional Graphics and Logo Design (2016)

Contest Entries for PaigeeWorld’s Illustration in Advertising (June 2015) (Poster, Splash Screen, & Cover Photo

A Song For My Father Mini-Concert Poster and Ticket (May 2015)

Gunze Post-Event Instagram Post (2015)

Brighter Blue, Greener Green Poster (November 2014)

Ignite Innovation SciComm Event Countdown Image and Contest Backdrop (September 2014)

Harper Heart Character Sheet (2014) Illustration by Tajii-chan on Tumblr